Shanlee and Shanlee and Kayla

ShanleeShanlee Reiswig backlt S&K feet fwd FF


AnP Carving Set Up (2)


Doll: Material: Figure: Alaska paper birch hands & lower arms; head, hair and neck; lower legs and feet all inserted into a full articulating stuffed sculptured fabric body with wire and button joints. Clothing: Shanlee in Arctic ground squirrel and ermine trimmed parka, American red fox ruff Shanlee Muskrat Parka American red fox ruff. Kayla Plaid cotton kuspuk with ribbon trim, American red fox ruff, cotton checked pants, both from second hand men’s shirt. All mukluks are sheared calf and deer with glue hardened pigskin soles and ties.  Size: 14″ tall standing and 6″ standing

Person:  “Shanlee, Yupik Mother and her Daughter, Kayla” ADN 040205

Subject Photographer: Don or Alma Harris

Doll Photographer: Artist

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