Mikhail Snegirev, Unangan Man in Baidarka


Baidarkas by Doug Vaubel, right
Doug Vaubel, Unangan Badairka Artist

AnP Carving Set Up (2)

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Doll: Material: Figure: Alaska paper birch hands & lower arms; head, hair and neck; lower legs and feet all inserted into a full articulating stuffed sculptured fabric body with wire and button joints. Clothing:  Gut kamleika water wear over knit sweater and striped cotton pants, black pigskin boots. Painted bentwood visor with “sea lion” whiskers approximated by river otter whiskers. Baidarka: Doug Vaubel Size: 14″ tall

Person: Mikhail Snegirev was photographed on the Aleutian Chain, Attu Island by Dima Brodskaya Jochelson along with a number of other members of his community.

Subject Photographer: The source photograph was taken in 1909 by medical Doctor Dima Brodskaya Jochelson. Brodskaya partnered her husband, Russian ethnologist Waldemar Jochelson on his exploration of the Unangan peoples of Alaska.

Doll Photographer: The doll photographs were was taken by either Marilyn Holmes or the artist.


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